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We sell Warren hens, which are a cross between the Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex breeds. They are fantastic egg layers and fun pets. Our chickens are fully vaccinated and parasite free from a reputable local supplier.

We supply everything to keep your chickens healthy to encourage egg laying, and we have a range of organic and regular feed.

We also stock drinkers, feeders and chicken coups of various sizes. We can order "made to measure" coups if required.

Take a look below at the range of products we have in stock. If you don't see what you require, please contact us and we will be happy to order for you.
Baby Chick Crumbs
Cut Maize
Duck Maintenance Diet
Ex-Bat crumbs
Ex-Bat Pellets
Free Range Layers Pellets
Layers Meal
Layers Pellets
Marine Duck
Organic Chick Crumbs
Organic Layers Meal
Organic Layers Pellets
Organic Mixed Corn
Organic Poultry Grower
Organic Poultry Grower/Finisher
Organic Super Mixed Corn
Oyster Shell
Pheasant Pellets
Poultry Grit
Poultry Grower
Poultry Breeder
Range Mash
Super Mixed Corn
Turkey Grower Pellets
Turkey Rearer
Turkey Starter Crumbs
Turkey Starter Pellets